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W-1 The Fine Art Photographers' Publishing Co. 2703- Swallow Falls, Bettrws-y-Coed, Wales.  
$10 USD 

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W-2 unknown
Menai Bridge, Wales
$20 USD   


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W-3 unknown
Porch at Llanaber Church, North Wales.
$20 USD


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W-4 Llanberis
Views in North Wales. Dolbadarn Castle. 
$40  USD


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W-5 Francis Bedford 
12. Denbigh Castle, the inner view of the Entrance Gateway. 
$25 USD


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W-6 Francis Bedford 
2811. Llanberis - The Glen and the Waterfall
$12 USD   SOLD!


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W-7 Unknown. 
1132 Castletown King William College I.M.
Shows a camera case? I know, 
not Wales but Isle of Man. 
$15 USD

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W-8 Stereo Travel Co. 
71. On the Bridge, Conway Castle. Wales
$15 USD


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W-9 Stereo Travel Co. 
74. Looking through Menas Bridge, Wales
$15 USD

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W-10 H.C. White 
2852. Conway Castle and Bridge, (castle built by Edward I in 1234), North Wales

Some hand coloring. 
$10 USD

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W-11 Stereo Travel Co. 
77. Swallows Falls, Bettws-y-Coed, Wales.
$3  USD







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W-12 Judges Postcards. 
12 Photogravure postcards of North Wales 
in original envelope. Excellent. 
$30   USD


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