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galway.jpg (36841 bytes)
I1- Unknown
The Queens College, Galway.
$25 USD



ropebridge.jpg (308154 bytes)
I2- unknown
The Rope-Bridge, Carrick-a-rede

$6 USD



Valeire.jpg (265039 bytes)
I3- unknown
The Vale of Ovoca, County of Wicklow. Ireland 
$8 USD


pis.jpg (44942 bytes)
I4- Poulton's Irish Scenery. 
Carlisle Memorial Church
$12 USD 


jalsc.jpg (37260 bytes)
I5 - London Stereoscopic Co.  
Jerpoint Abbey.
$40 USD



vhk.jpg (63842 bytes)
I6- unknown 
The Victoria Hotel, Kilarney
$25 USD

fcd.jpg (52790 bytes)
I7- unknown 
The Four Courts, Dublin
$15 USD


2524key.jpg (56031 bytes)
I8- Keystone View Co. 2524 - Giant's Causeway, Ireland.
$8 USD 



2706hcw.jpg (75029 bytes)
I9- H. C. White Co. 
2706 Interior of the Cathedral,
Queenstown, Ireland
$5 USD



85hcw.jpg (83261 bytes)
I10- H. C. White Co. 
2665 Muckross Abbey, Lakes of 
Killarney, Ireland
$8 USD


15mrk.jpg (54320 bytes)
I11-H. C. White
2663 The Old Weir Bridge, 
Lakes of Killarney, Ireland
$8 USD

pv12634key.jpg (92113 bytes)
I12- Keystone View Co..  
P-V12634 Family Cooking in a Peat Fireplace 
$6 USD 


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