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All photographs are sold on a first come, first serve basis and are subject to availability. All prices are net. The first email or phone call wins. You must receive phone or email confirmation from me before sending payment. 

Shipping is $4.00 USD for one or 2 views. Add $.50 USD for each additional view.  Insurance is extra. There are shipping fees on larger items such as stereoscopes, cameras, boxed sets, and books. Orders are shipped when payment is received (usually the same day). 

Persons residing outside the U.S. must pay by International Postal Money Order, U.S.currency, Western Union or a check in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank or Paypal.  Items sold from website are satisfaction guaranteed. Items can be returned for any reason for 100% refund if returned within 10 days in original condition.    

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Send your money order or check to:

David L. Spahr
19th & 20th Century Photographs
16 Nelson Ridge Rd. So.
Washington, Maine 04574


If you do not see the subject matter you want, or you want less expensive views, please inquire. Much more is available in different subject areas and price ranges. I do give free appraisals in most circumstances.  If you are selling, hopefully you will consider offering to sell some of your items to me. If you are not selling but just wish to keep your items, I do not have a problem with that.  However, if you are looking for an appraisal so you can list it on eBay, please do not ask unless you are willing to pay. 

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Realistic Travels. 157 H.R.H. the Prince of Wales discusses cinematography with Dr. H.D. Girdwood. $75


11royal.jpg (48370 bytes)

Realistic Travels. H.R.H. Prince of Wales in the gardens of the Chateau which was his Headquarters in France. $30


28023key.jpg (107577 bytes)

Keystone View Co. No. 28023 "Mr. Lewis tells me you haven't seen this. Let me put it in the glass for you." Henry Ford and Anton Lang in Oberammagau. $150 SOLD!


photog.jpg (72653 bytes)

Unknown. Nice view of a photographer. $125 


hzphoto2.jpg (536014 bytes)

Negretti & Zambra. Crystal Palace. Negretti & Zambra Photographer booth. Shows the portrait studio in back. $350 SOLD!


191royal.jpg (40153 bytes)

Realistic Travels Publishers.
Triumph of our Navy. Surrendered Battleship and Cruisers of the German fleet at Scapa Flow.$8.00


111royal.jpg (42581 bytes)

Realistic Travels Publishers.
Dreadnoughts bombard heights of Chocolate Hill and Lalu Baba, covering advance from Suvla Bay. $8.00


119royal.jpg (31700 bytes)

Realistic Travels Publishers.
Glorious "Vindictive" whose exploit at Ostend will live for ever in the annals of our Navy. $10.00


192royal.jpg (35985 bytes)

Realistic Travels Publishers.
German battle-cruiser Derliflinger which hauled down its flag at sunset to Admiral Beatty. $8.00



Recommended reading list from 

Stereo Views; An Illustrated History and Price Guide by John Waldsmith. This is a must have book for collectors!



Photography and the American Scene; A Social History, 1839-1889.  by Robert Taft. This is a really great book which gives a broad, but detailed and authoritative overview of the first 100 years of photography. It was published in 1938 and is still in print. This is a must for the serious collector's library. Simply the best.
The World of Stereographs
 William C. Darrah. Great scholarly info on stereoviews. No prices but..........


The Scenic Daguerreotype : Romanticism and Early Photography by John Wood, John R. Stilgoe. Truly great outdoor daguerreotypes are shown in this book.
Stereoscopes : The First One Hundred Years by Paul Wing. The only book on stereoscopes. A really great book.

The Silver Canvas :  Daguerreotypes Masterpieces from the J. Paul Getty Museum
by Bates Lowry, Isabel Lowry, J. Paul Getty


Stereoviews Illustrated : Fifty Early American  by Russell Norton


Nineteenth Century Photographic Cases and Wall Frames  by Paul K. Berg


Collector's Guide to Early Photographs (Collectors Guide Series) by O. Henry Mace. A good book for beginning collectors (and advanced) detailing the many different formats and processes. Union Cases : A Collector's Guide to the Art of America's First Plastics  by Clifford Krainik and Carl Walvoord



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