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W. Bradley. 
Alfred of Saxe, Duke of Edinburgh. c. 1868
Victoria's 4th child.

Actual Autograph
$275 USD SOLD!


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Merrick, Brighton. George Holyoake. 1817-1906 Last person in England imprisoned for atheism.
$65 USD


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Camacho, Madeira. 
Galatin, Prince Alfred's Flag Ship. c.1868

$150 USD        


priteck.jpg (14019 bytes)
Princess Victoria,
Mary of Teck.

$35 USD


princeofwales.jpg (23056 bytes)
Prince of Wales.
$15 USD


hesse1.jpg (66206 bytes)
ECDV6- G.W. Wilson. The Prince & Princess Louis of Hesse.
$75 USD

jafroude.jpg (18574 bytes)
James Anthony Froude.
English historian and author.

$30 USD


froudej.jpg (18005 bytes)
ECDV8- London Stereoscopic Co.
James Anthony Froude.
$25 USD

myeast.jpg (18490 bytes)
Elliot & Fry
Charles Kingsley.
English Clergyman and novelist.



docdor.jpg (13776 bytes)
PE Chappus.
Dr. Doran.
Journalist and historian of the stage.

$18 USD


swmc.jpg (19065 bytes)
ECDV11-Grillet & Co. Naples.
Sir William McKenzie
$20 USD



yomin.jpg (25880 bytes)
York Minster
$20 USD

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